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Wrong fuel drain on forecourt

Wrong fuel in car Peterborough - petrol in diesel, diesel in petrol or AdBlue in diesel fuel tank

If you've put wrong fuel in your vehicle in Peterborough, call us for immediate service.

24/7 Availability for wrong fuel rescue. Petrol in diesel car or diesel in petrol car? Filled AdBlue in the diesel fuel tank? Don't hesitate to call us for instant wrong fuel drain quote.

What to do if you’ve put the wrong fuel in your car

1. Do not start your engine

If you’ve spotted you’ve put the wrong fuel in Peterborough before turning your car on, keep it off. At this point it’ll just be sitting in the fuel tank, making it a relatively easy fix.

If you’ve already driven away

Stop your car as soon as it’s safe to do so. Ideally in a lay-by. Continuing to drive your car will cause more severe damage.

2. Push your car to a safe spot

Ask a staff member if they can help you push the car, or enlist the help of a friendly passerby. Put the car into neutral, take the handbrake off and get it to a safe place. Ideally, this would be a free parking space at the station itself.

3. Call for wrong fuel recovery

Call us anytime in Peterborough to help you. Misfueling a car is so common we have special vans equipped to drain fuel from tanks.

If you haven’t started your car, the chances are it’ll be a simple case of the recovery service emptying your tank and putting in enough of the correct fuel to get you going again.

If you have driven the car any distance, damage may be more extensive. It’s best to take the advice of a mechanic after the car has recovered if it’s safe to drive or not. If not, it’s likely your car will be towed to the nearest garage for further inspection.

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