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Wrong fuel in car and need wrong fuel rescue?


Need help with contaminated fuel?

Filled wrong fuel in your vehicle?

Call Petrol Doctor UK - 24/7 Wrong fuel rescue service

Wrong fuel roadside

Filled petrol in diesel car? You are on the right place. Give us a call and we can help you out, even if you drove your car with contaminated fuel.

wrong fuel drain

Filled diesel fuel in your petrol car? Give us a call and our expert advisors can help you out to fix your car.

wrong fuel recovery

Accidentally filled AdBlue in the diesel fuel tank? You turned on the engine too? We still can help.


Fill the wrong fuel in car is a very common problem in the UK. Every 3 minutes someone does it and need wrong fuel rescue. To avoid any circulation if you've put petrol in diesel car or diesel in petrol car, don't start your engine, and don't turn the key. Call us and wait until our engineer arriving. If you've filled AdBlue in diesel tank, we can help even if the engine has been started.

Moreover, misfueling your vehicle can lead to fuel contamination. When incompatible fuels mix together (petrol in diesel car or diesel in petrol car), they each lose their individual properties, resulting in a new blend that is harmful to the engine. This contaminated fuel can clog the fuel lines and filters, reducing fuel efficiency and causing a decrease in engine performance. Our wrong fuel doctor service specializes in extracting the contaminated fuel and restoring the vehicle to its original condition.

Wrong fuel - petrol in diesel Range Rover

How much does it cost to have the wrong fuel taken out from my car?

If the fuel is drained right away, the damage will not be substantial where it requires repair or replacement of car parts and all it will cost is the price of removal, usually around £100-£799

How long does it take to fix wrong fuel in car?

Depending on your vehicle, draining the wrong fuel from your car takes an average of 35 minutes. We will drain the wrong fuel from your vehicle and we flush the entire system if the car was driven with contaminated fuel, and after adding the correct fuel and testing the engine for you. You will be on your way in no time.

Does the wrong fuel damage the engine?

In some cases, using the wrong fuel is harmless. Other times, like if you accidentally put E85 fuel in a car that's not designed for it, you can void your engine warranty or cause costly damage to fuel lines. The price to fix a car from a fueling mishap can be steep, but there's no reason to panic.

We provide 24/7 wrong fuel recovery roadside assistance if you've put wrong fuel in car
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